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Aslain's Installer Request/Idea

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Since I make some configuration changes to mods or xvm installed with the installer, I use and really like the ability to use the Aslains Custom Mods folder to automatically make these changes for me each time I install the modpack.  But all of the changes I make are no longer confined to the "World_of_Tanks>res_mods" folder.  Some mods are installed to the "World_of_Tanks>mods" folder which is outside the "World_of_Tanks>mods"res_mods" folder and changes can't be installed automatically with each install but must be either reconfigured manually each time, or a saved file with changes can be copied from another folder and pasted manually.


Is it possible to include "World_of_Tanks>mods" folder in "Aslains_Custom_Mods"?

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It is already working.


The DLC files work with res_mods and mods, so the custom folder should too, since they're extracted in the base World of Tanks folder.


Custom files, like DLC files, start their structure with mods\version, or res_mods\version :)

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Tested, already works.
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