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Yet another update this morning

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Il y a 22 heures, Alehoh a dit :

My game shows no available servers(the selection screen is blank), so i can't login.

Have same issue, will check what Quaksen tag, but so far I've reset WOT parameters, and clear DLC, remove prefered server and auto-connect still there.

The advice was good. I did not see this new option that is tagged by default; but not servers area. 

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45 minutes ago, scoobs said:

So, just loaded up the latest and get an error message @ Game resource path does not exist  :/world of tanks/res mods/


What am i missing?

Well, with that error message, ASIA is still on game version, and you shouldn't be using the modpack for it. :)

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1 minute ago, scoobs said:

Well, I switched to and it doesnt even start , even when i hit the box to delete dl cache

actually iver tried it with and without the box ticked

Don't know what to say.. is ASIA currently down?


At least I cannot open their website; "This site can’t be reached worldoftanks.asia took too long to respond."


Please attach log files if you're having issues - and please make a seperate thread for it and explain your issue :)

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