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Battle Results Not Showing

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After random battle where it should present a battle, team and detail summary - it does not.  Aslain logo spins but does not load data and does not allow you to exit from it gracefully.  Had to stop stask to exit.  Thanks 

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il y a 19 minutes, Aslain a dit :

Known XVM bug. @cile73 please be carefull where you are posting.

What cecil73 said is what's happend to me : was not here yesterday with former versions of Wot and modpack. Not possible it comes from update ?


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As soon as a game ends, a game Stat report usually pops up to show you how you did, but it is not coming up.

Instead it says it can't show me. "Sorry Unavailable"


However, if you click the button (in the lower right hand corner) to manually check your game stats, the system goes into a continuous loop claiming it's retrieving the files but never does; forever.

You have NO choice but to Ctrl Alt Del, choose task manager & close WoT so you can restart WoT.

Otherwise so far, WoT & your mod pack are working well.


Thank you for your efforts, the hard work you put into making my gaming experience mazing & fantastic.

Also super glad you didn't die on us.

We would truly have missed you. :)


Yours truly;


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This is a known bug that was listed in the modpack change log to inform all of us before any of us downloaded and installed the modpack:

"- updated XVM 7.9.0-dev [9003] (known bugs: battle loading window, battle results window, replays playback) [USE AT OWN RISK!]"


We have to be patient and wait on the XVM developers to correct this problem.  We also have to make sure that we always read the modpack change logs with each modpack update.  Aslain takes a lot of care to keep us informed.

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