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Ctrl key doesn't work to move mouse cursor

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I reinstalled the mod pack with less mods and I still have the same issue.  I'm trying to figure out what mod is doing it.  Its annoying when I can't click on the minimap or click YES to return to garage after my tank is destroyed.  


I did figure out you can use the arrow keys to select Yes to return to garage then hit Enter.


Also sometimes the Ctrl key works while my tank is alive , but after its dead it doesn't work properly as described above.

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Apparently the issue isn't fixed after removing dead white tanks.  When my tank dies half the time the Ctrl key doesn't work right.  It doesn't matter what tank I play it happens with all of them

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I'm also having this issue, mouse sticks to the centre.


Its been doing it for a couple of the latest packages even after clean installs.


You have minimal mod setup, maybe it will be easy to find.


Try without Damage Log Gambiter, MultiHitlog and SafeShot.

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I also have it sometimes (3 times now?)

Always with playin arty.

pressin ctrl -> mouse sticks to center... no actions with ctrl (like invite to platoon, use minimap ping etc.) possible.


Think this also means i cant move the tank anymore (no forward/backward at all), rotation only with movin the gun towards its horizontal limit.


Some moderator? guy in shoutbox said in his oppinion the latter is probably a WoT bug.



Friend of mine had it too.. hmm


Ok happened once more out of 10 arty games... here's the logs.. but probably useless.



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I had the same problem with cursor stops responding, with arty only. I disabled SafeShot mod and so far (20+ battles) I think I've solved problem.

More than 50 arty battles without any problems with cursor on minimap. Disabled Safeshot has solved my problems. I use Harpoon sight and Battle Assistant.

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I still have this issue with the latest version of the mod pack that I installed.


Anyone figure out what combination of mods causes it?  IN the past I tried with and without safe shot and with and without battle assistant.  No difference.  It happens in all types of tanks.  Not just arty.  I've noticed it most often in medium tanks. but I've been playing a lot of medium tanks lately.

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Everybody with this problem, what mouse do you have?


Does the mouse come with own software or is it plug-n-play?


I'm using a Logitech G502 mouse.  Its plug and play.  It has software to enable extra features such as lighting or programmable keys.  When I have the problem in WoT, I can alt tab to a different program and the mouse works fine without an issue.  I don't have the issue win WoWs with or without mods.


I wonder if it could be the mouse that people are using.  Many people use a "gaming" mouse with programmable buttons.

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Played whole day yesterday with lots of potentialy affected mods, and never happened to me, you have bad luck I guess. Also only few people reported this, I belive this is very very rare case.


Anything to do with "enemy health on minimap"? 


Could XVM settings/combination be the reason?


@Bavor is using one of the most preferred brands out there.

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I get the stuck cursor also....

But in my case im also unable to move the tank, my WASD keys stop responding, and im unable to change ammo type.


This only happens for me when playing arty though.


I'm wondering if maybe its the aim assistant "G" key mod that might be causing that for me....

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