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Pro Arty SPG

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Please add Pro Arty SPG sight back to the mod-pack.  I was not having any problems with it before it was removed.  If there is any way I can help test it etc, I will be glad to do it.


Thanks for what you do to make the mod situation so easy for us.

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- removed ProArty (bugged, not allowing to load to battle in certain conditions)



You're free to download it seperately, and install it, if you're not having issues.

But I don't think he should include it, if it's bugged to the point it blocks loading to battle in some situations :)

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Thanks for the info.  I would not want for it to be included in the mod-pack unless it were safe for everyone in all configurations.  I tried to find it after it was removed by doing a Google search for Pro Arty and could not find anything.  I would like to try it in my configuration again as I had no problems at all before.  If you have a link or even the correct search words for Google and could PM it to me I would be thankful.


But, I am happy using my second favorite sight, Sword of Damocles.  So no big deal at all.

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I have downloaded and installed it.  Thanks to both Quaksen and Aslain for providing the info.  Of course, am not sure about installing only the arty portion with J1mbo's tank sight as it was in the mod pack, but as I am arty only, the normal sight is not that important to me.  I have only played a couple of battles so far but with no problems.  I also am not going to try, because I do not know how, to translate the mod into English as in the mod pack before.  Maybe if I get bored during the weekend....lol.

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I hope so.  I did not have any problems with it before or after it was removed.  The only negative thing I experienced with the current version that Quaksen linked to above was that it was not in English and I was forced to use the standard configuration instead of the way it was configured in the ModPack by Aslain.  I am not adept enough at modding to make the changes myself.  Also, I liked being able to combine it with J1mbos in the ModPack.

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While it is my favorite arty sight, I would not ask you to re-add it if it causes problems for you or other people.  I can click on my victims just as good with one of the other sights.  Maybe after the next update, we can try it again.

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Is there a chance of having ProArty SPG back in the ModPack again?  I have not tried it since 9.15.  I have not tried the latest version by the new guy updating it, I do not like having the interface in Russian and do not know enough about this type of mod to change the language.

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i started using this  and I must say I like it  I  saved a file from another cross hair .   and swapped it over as like how the cross hair is now

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