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repair your modpack thx.

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14 hours ago, cagdas21 said:

repair your modpack thx.

one of your mod when i press on it its giving error. fix this stupid error. made me mad !


Post like that make mad as well, I feel like bringing back negative feedback arrow.

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On 03.07.2016 at 0:17 PM, Aslain said:


Post like that make mad as well, I feel like bringing back negative feedback arrow.

Aslain when you done with your mods. you need to set up for your computer. ok ? what if one of them was a virus or trojan  or script to send email of your loging screen photo.

maybe you should give a try to click on your mod selections ?!

i same copy paste here what u said my friend:

read it again.


which mod is causing an error, so Cagdas21 doesn't have to check through every single one to try and find out what you're releasing modpacks about?

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11 minutes ago, Quaksen said:

Maybe YOU should tell him which mod you clicked on, that gave an error, hmm?

Still haven't done that yet.

i will give a try now. new mod pack released now idownlaoding.

incase of problems. sometimes i try to select which mode and it give an error and exit. i maybe tried this to find it like 10times this happent me 10times. 10 times i slected all modes i prefer:D 10time :D 10 times :D 



try to check this damage log or hitlog XFT i remember this like a mod was giving error i not tried now bymyself

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to be honest mate , when aslain puts mods into modpack he tests them on his pc  and checks every mod works with each other , if everything works the way it should and gives him no errors  then he releases an update . this is time consuming.

all pc/laptops will be completely  different to aslains set up so sometime u will experience  an error or a mod  not working . you have to give him more detail of the problem so he can investigate himself  hence y  he needs logs etc

which he has done loads of times for others and  then eventually finds the problem and then he posts what to do  to rectify whats wrong .

remember this isn't his job he does this off his own time ,  just show a little respect to him and he will  try to help u out

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