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AC3 in 9.15.1

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Test server for 9.15.1. Apparently ui is changing and will now be written in action script 3 so basically all battle interface mods go... down the toilet unless modders rewrite them from start? Is that right? I use almost all modifications from aslain's pack, my battle interface practically doesn't have any objects not moded, I am sure I am not only one. And in the name of those of us... anyone have any predictions what will happen? I mean, for example, melty's math mod crosshair will be available, any one know which modders are already rewriting their mods in ac3? Or should we start getting used to classic battle interface now to avoid shock when 9.15.1 hits and all just stops working. 

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Yeah... I think all mods that has a flash file included (any UI element, for example) will be broken, and need a proper update to work again.


WG has the worst timing possible. Aslain is on vacation, and according to Rita's Status Report blog, RU servers are updating tomorrow.. which usually means EU on Wednesday. Dang.

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you will probably find that the authors  of mods  might  abandon them or  continue and update them , but  as aslain is away   the mudpack itself will need updated , so  we might have to  install the updated mods individually until hes done them, I'm sure xvm stuff is  nearing completion of readiness of update not to sure though

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i dunno about that. Rita says they're delaying due to, and i quote (directly from RSR, from Storm):


"Technical internal changes, such as the interface transfer to the new version Action Script 3 are lacking in the patch. We would like to make it all work without problems.”


which prolly means they've hit a previously undetected bug and need to fix it to avoid the Rubicon shitstorm again

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