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Graphic problem

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On 4/13/2017 at 8:56 PM, Lulana said:

i tried without mod and everything is fine then


1 hour ago, bubs79 said:

have u tried adjusting graphic settings in game options?

I don't think his graphics settings matter in this case, if everything is fine with the graphics without mods.

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So once again everything is fine without mod.

I also unchecked everything in "graphical performance mods" and in "texture and models" but it dosnt help, still same.

Then i try to use in installer with "recommend xvm only settings" and still same...then i try to uncheck all in the xvm section and just install few mods and still same.

So i dont now...maybe isnt one mod maybe i have problem with mods generally? I dont know what else to try...maybe to reinstall wot?

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Ok i open nvidia control panel and chose that default graphic for wot is nvidia just in case that somehow with mods laptop dosnt switch to nvidia graphic....and still same.

I played wot for about two years on this laptop always with mods and this never hapend before. I didnt played for last few months and now decide to start again. 

As for graphic card with mods that i use well only difference without mods is that battle is starting quicker so when i click battle without mods i am in game when clock is about 15-20sec until start match, while with mods it usually about 5sec until match start...but i actually always thought thats because processor, because sometimes i leave chrome open with few tabs and then wot load match much slower...




I just try to start wot with integrated graphic so intel not nvidia and it graphic is fine with mods. It is pretty slower of course and fps is bad but graphic is fine :D
While nvidia graphic work fine without mods, but with mods not...

So i havee been thinking and remembered that i updated driver for nvidia in this few month while i didnt played wot...it is possibly that somehow something in mods and that new driver dont work together fine? 

I dont have time now but i will see to return older driver for nvidia and see what will hapend then with mods....

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