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Few Issues related to Asia server introduced with 9.20.1

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1 minute ago, Quaksen said:

Looks like the most common thing for all of you are ASIA server.. hm :( I guess you guys just received the update over there. Aslain will have to look into this when he wakes up :)

That's probably right. This thread only started an hour after ASIA server game back from 9.20.1 upgrade this morning.

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It seems like anything from the mod pack is enough to crash it

It crashes with only  one item selected 


Selected components:
      ----------------------------[ The XVM section ]-------------------------------------------
         -----------------[ Over Target Markers (OTM) ]-------------------------------------
            OTM by Aslain
               1st line over HP bar
                  1st line: Vehicle name
                     colored by ally/enemy
               The shadow intensity behind OTM
                  strong shadow

BTW whats going on with the extractor I get this now

How do I get the files now ?


Logs for the 1 item attached

ARGUMENT 1 (PATH TO CUSTOM MODS): "I:\TANKS\Aslains_Custom_mods"





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I get to the log in screen and when I hit the Connect button, I get a a message saying 'could not connect to servers'. I used the nifty mods cleaner tool and removed the modpack. Game started and ran fine after that.

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