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Detailed Damage Meter unmovable Panels

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Its been reported several times, also in patch notes:


v.9.3.0 #04 (11-04-2020):
- added Detailed Damage Meter [it cannot be dragged for now, author is trying to fix it]







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Hi Aslain!!!


First, thanks for all btw.


My tiny issue is that I'd like to move the (dmg I do) window sligithy further to the right so to not overlap with BadorBest v1.

As matter of fact, I've already tried to edit the xml but with no effect. Correct me if I'm wrong but the code to be changed should be this:


<bind name="collectionDH" value="CC.userPrefs; 'userPrefsCollection'"/> <bind name="entityDH" value="'userPrefsEntity'; userPrefsCollection[0].id"/> <bind name="watchDH" value="'userPrefs'; ['userPrefsEntity.userPrefs.evUserPrefsChanged']; userPrefsEntity.userPrefs.userPrefs"/> <bind name="watch" value="'ELPositionX'; (userPrefs.IMPositionX.EL == null) ? '170' : userPrefs.IMPositionX.EL"/> <bind name="watch" value="'ELPositionY'; (userPrefs.IMPositionY.EL == null) ? '25' : userPrefs.IMPositionY.EL"/> <bind name="left" value="ELPositionX"/> <bind name="top" value="ELPositionY"/>


Whereas it's that value of 170 I should change  for 180 or 190. Am I right?




Actually I'm lost here. I tried to edit again. I changed the value from 170 to 200.

The DMG window moved further to the left.

So I assumed that the point of origin for the coordinates is not in the top left corner but on the center of the screen.

So I tried to put 160, but I got the same result. I guess that's like before; even the slightest change from 170 (169, 171) move the window in a way that makes things worst.

The XML I'm trying to edit is at this path:


Maybe you referred to a different one.










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My screen resolution is 1920 x 1200 so I was about to try the 1080p version, but first I've done the screenshot you asked for with the "dafault" installation of Dmg Meter. And yes!! I'm using the modpack #7!!


Screenshot (817).png

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Yeah, I'm playing around with the 1080p and I can see the code that has changed, actually added. Now tbh is too much on the right!!! LOL...

Already fixing myself the problem:

I've changed the first "472" to 210.

And the second  "472" (the one above 810) to 400. I might edit also the "810" going for 1000.

Now it's perfect!! I'm attaching a full screen shot.

Thank you as usual Aslain!!


PS: any news yet about the Smoke Counter Mod that showed double values?


Screenshot (820).png

28 minuti fa, Capt_Oveur ha scritto:

Aslain added quite a few options, each optimized for one of the common screen resolutions. If none of them works for you, you may try this:




Thanks buddy!!

As you can see I've already fixed by myself starting from the 1080p installing option.

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It's intentionaly far to the right, not everyone is using small panel like yourself, there are people who are extending it a lot, and it will overlap, therefore the far right position is more safe for everyone.


I could add more positions but for now I will wait for the author, maybe the dragging will return sooner or later.

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I have the same Problem.

I play only in Windows Mode.

I use a Monitor with 4k in 21:9.

That mode is even different from that modes I can select.

Both damage shows are not more moveable.

I use every time the newest modpack.

It is a new issue since some versions ago.

I use the modpack in german.

Why is that no more free movable, that was the best solution.

What I have to do if I would both tables side by side?

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Just now, soffici said:

Why did the dev change this mod?

This is so stupid!

Please, revert to the former system

Previous version of this mod is malfuncioning after the game update to 11.3.0, the original author of this mod is gone and there is no way to contact him, to update the mod properly. The current system of fixed coordinates is a workaround to the problem. You don't want old mod, as it's not working properly.

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